Transacciones Crediticias

Transacciones Crediticias is a company that provides personal loans to retirees, self employees, workers and more. Made in conjunction with a marketing agency.

White Cobra MA

White Cobra MA offers three different martial arts programs to meet the developmental needs of children aged 2-8.

La Casa de la Punta de Eje

La Casa de la Punta del Eje offers integral solutions and repairs in automobiles, to provide maximum safety and comfort to its customers.


Filnor Soluciones VIales provides products and spare parts for all types of road machinery.

Barrio Los Estribos

Redesign for Los Estribos, the first private neighborhood in the city of Balcarce. Made in conjunction with Estudio La Ronda.

N-Gen Estética

N-Gen is a medical-aesthetic center specialized in non-surgical, cosmiatric, massage therapy and nutritional consultations.

Magna Consulting

Magna is a recruitment consulting firm that works on a personalized basis with each client, finding the best talent for their organization.

Libra Soluciones

Business intelligence agency focused on optimizing processes and increasing the efficiency of its clients’ businesses. Done in conjunction with the agency ADinteractives.

Martín Jardon

Simple sales landing page for a course on “couple conflicts” taught by Martín Jardon.

Connecta Partners

Certified recruiting firm dedicated to helping companies connect with the talent they are looking for. Done in conjunction with the agency ADinteractives.